Why Buying Used Plant and Construction Machinery is as good as buying new

Making the choice of buying new or used construction machinery can be difficult – on one hand, new equipment comes with a manufacturer warranty but at a premium; used gives you older equipment but at lower price.

Being less a case of ‘grabbing a bargain’ and more ‘making the logical decision’, buying used is a cost-effective method of purchasing equipment and machinery at a sensible and attractive price.

Compliant and Safe

Construction equipment – both new and used – must comply with relevant EU-legislation, meeting safety and environmental requirements. As the consequences for non-compliance are grave, there’s no worry that used construction equipment won’t be up to standard if you buy from a reputable dealer.

Durable and Reliable

Due to the nature of their application, excavators are built to last – typically operating between 8,000 and 10,000 hours before any major parts need to be replaced.

A quality piece of used construction machinery will have been kept in good-working order with a detailed record of the machinery’s service and repair history, including details of issues (if any exist).

Choice and Redundancy

Older models are often just as functional as their newer counterparts and depending on their required purpose, features on a brand new piece of machinery may be superfluous to requirements.

Similarly, a machine may be sold due to it being replaced with a newer model. This results in a wide range of quality used construction machinery being available for purchase.

If you require high-quality and reliable used construction machinery, contact M&M Plant today.